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HipStrap Red Haze Vintage Style Ukulele Strap
HipStrap Red Haze Vintage Style Ukulele Strap
HipStrap Red Haze Vintage Style Ukulele Strap

HipStrap Red Haze Vintage Style Ukulele Strap

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HipStrap Red Haze Vintage Style Ukulele Strap


Our new HipStrap Roses Ukulele / Ukulele Strap is a necklace strap that can be used on ukuleles or similar instruments that have a mouth to hook the strap and do not have strap-holding pins on the body of the instrument.

The strap design is woven in jacquard, features genuine leather accents, metal hardware, a polypropylene tape-type base, and a tape-lined steel grip hitch to prevent marking the instrument. 100% adjustable strap in length.

The HipStrap manufacturing process is extremely detailed. This process is started with the personal selection of our raw material. Then, our products are made one by one by hand and tested using the highest quality standards as a reference.


  • Beautiful Red Haze Pattern
  • 1" wide Polyproylene
  • Genuine leather accents

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Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the HipStrap Red Haze Vintage Style Ukulele Strap.