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Tensolo Music Co. is more than just an online music store.  We scour the world looking for awesome gear to import and offer to musicians worldwide!  We love finding the diamonds in the rough and helping these quality manufacturers get their products into the US!

Would you like to carry some of the same products you see on our site?

Email us at info@tensolo.com, or use the contact form to submit your inquiry!

Here are a few brands that we can help get into your shop:

  • Vola Guitar (Japan)
  • HipStrap (Argentina)
  • Long Hollow Leather (USA)
  • D'Amico EFX (Argentina)
  • MG Music (Brazil)
  • GIN & Co. Straps (Brazil)
  • Danta Handmade Pedalboards (Brazil)
  • Wangs Amplifiers (China)
  • And growing!

Contact us and let us share the worldwide boutique gear experience with you!

Tensolo Music Co.