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Q:  Why don't you carry the big name brands?

A:  There are a couple of reasons. First, since we are a small online-only MI retailer, some manufacturers will not allow us to carry their products since we do not have a brick & mortar store.  Second, if they would allow online-only retailers, many times their minimum orders are out of our price range.  But, as we grow, we do have plans to open a brick and mortar location and hopefully start carrying "some" the bigger name brands.  It is our mission to bring our customers great gear from around the world that you may have never heard about.  These are young, eager companies with incredible products at great prices!  We want to work with these types of manufacturers to bring their companies to the spotlight.  The time of the old-guard is dwindling.  As music itself changes, so do the tastes of musicians.  Many already know what exists, but we're here to show you what else exists, and to be a leader on that front.

Q:  How long have you been in operation?

A:  We opened our website on 12/1/2018

Q:  Where is your HQ located?

A:  We are located in Franklin, TN, a suburb just south of Nashville, TN - Music City USA!

Q:  Do you offer financing?

A:  Yes we do!  We have partnered with Affirm to offer 0% financing.  Reverb.com also uses Affirm, that is one reason why we chose to partner with them.

Q:  Speaking of Reverb, do you have a Reverb store?

A:  Yes we do!  In fact, we love Reverb!  They have been our primary source for sales since we opened our "doors".  We owe a lot of gratitude to Reverb.

Q:  Do you have a store on eBay?

A:  Yes we do!  Just like Reverb, eBay has helped get our store's name out to the public.

Q:  Why do you only carry guitar and bass related products and accessories?

A:  Our plans are to add all categories of MI products, as we grow.  Tensolo was started by a guitar player, thus, to get our legs, we decided to focus on what we knew best to start.  More categories and products will be added over time.  

Q:  You don't have what I am looking for, can you special order it?

A:  Absolutely!  We will do our best to get whatever you are looking for!  We very much enjoy the quest to get what our customers seek!  Think of us as your personal shopper.

Q:  Do you offer free returns?

A:  Yes!  Free returns are available on all "new" gear.  Unfortunately, special ordered items, used gear and certain other items will not qualify for free returns.  Please see our Returns policy here.

Q:  What if I buy something from you and I just don't like it, can I return it?

A:  Absolutely!  There will be some guidelines and restrictions on returns, please see our Returns policy here.  If you purchase something from us, and you just don't like it, we will do everything in our power to make you happy!

Q:  There is some gear I have been watching, but you never run any sales on it.  Why?

A:  Interesting topic!  Many industries, including musical instrument sales, there is a policy called MAP or Minimum Advertised Price.  This is a policy set forth by a manufacturer in order to try and keep a level playing field for their dealer network.  Under a MAP policy, dealers are contractually obliged to not advertise certain products pricing under a certain dollar amount.  For example, a new guitar from "Manufacturer A" has set forth a MAP policy on the guitar.  The guitar has an MSRP of $250, but has a MAP of $150.  This means that dealers have agreed to not advertise the guitar price under $150.  This applies to any print or online advertising and even some in-store advertising.  However, if a customer were to ask about the price of the guitar, the store could verbally offer the price for less than $150.  Many of our products are priced at MAP (if they are subject to that policy).  Other items, many times used gear, are not subject to MAP so it is easier add those to a sale.  The MI industry is very competitive, so there are a lot of dealers who don't abide by the MAP policies, which in turn hurts other retailers who carry the same products.  More about MAP in another article later.