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Friends of Tensolo Music Co.

"Don't give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you."
- John Wooden

Tensolo Music Co. was born out of a dream to ensure that music continues to blossom and enrich every person's life.

We are blessed to have many friends that believe in this same philosophy.  This section is devoted to those that have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of music.

Chicken Ranch Records - Helping indie bands for over 3 decades.  Based in Austin, TX

Moxy Guitars - You haven't owned a guitar until you've owned a Moxy!  Made in the USA - Jersey style.

Tesi Switch - Guitar kill switches and more!

Franklin Guitar & Repair - The best guitar repair shop in Middle TN!

Nashville Amplifier Service - The best amp repair shop in Middle TN!

Vola Guitars - Handmade guitars and basses from Japan and their US custom shop in Escondido, CA.  Don't blend in, stand out!

Guitarfest - a new guitar show organization that offers more than guitars on tables :)