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Thank you for visiting Tensolo Music Co.!  This resource page was created to link users with great informational sites that include reviews, demo's, instructional content, podcasts and other music related content.

Have fun checking some of these sites out!  They have all had a huge, positive impact on TMC in one way or another:

Vola Guitar - Handmade, high-quality guitars manufactured in Japan

Left Handed Guitar World - Shane from @intheblues website for all things left handed

YouTube - InTheBlues - Reviews, demos and more!

YouTube - Darrell Braun Guitar - Reviews, demos and more!

YouTube - R.J. Ronquillo - Reviews, demos and more!

YouTube - Robert Baker - Reviews, demos and more! Great instruction for beginner to pro!

Chicken Ranch Records

MG Music - Analog effects pedals from Brazil

That Pedal Show - Free Backing Tracks!