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Tensolo Music Co. and COVID-19

Update as of 3/22/2020


Crazy world as of late.  More crazy that it typically is I must say.  However, this too shall pass and the world will persevere.

TMC is owned and operated by a single individual, myself, Emery Geyer.  With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, I have been closely monitoring all sources of information, primarily how it pertains to items and package deliveries.  All of my inventory is stored at my warehouse where I am the only person with access.  I have taken additional steps since approximately March 1st to ensure that any gear or packaging that I come in contact with is not exposed to any unnecessary risks.  I sterilize my hands, wear disposable nitrile gloves and N95 face masks.  I already had a large stock of these since I build guitar extension cabinets, so I didn't plunder any stores.

All merchandise is handled with the utmost care and cleaned prior to packaging (except for items that are already enclosed in it's original packaging).

Once the items are packaged, I drop them off at their respective carriers (I use multiple carriers depending on the product), while still donning my protective gear.

Once it is dropped off however, I cannot speak to the carriers handling of the packages, but if anything, they are only coming into contact with the outside of the package.

My suggestion when receiving a package would be to wear gloves or, at a minimum, once you open the package and remove the item, securely discard the packaging as soon as possible and wash/sanitize your hands prior to handling the product.

Per the CDC, COVID-19 has a hard time living on packages for more than 2-3 days. The time frame I think would be dependent on the type of packaging.  Since it is mainly paper envelopes and cardboard, 3 days would sound about right.

Unfortunately, this is a very hard time on everyone.  Practice social distancing, stay home unless there is a very good reason to leave, help out others and most importantly, stay positive!


At this time, several of my vendors have had to cease operations which will disrupt restocking of those products.  Jim Dunlop products will likely be interrupted for a while, so once my current stock of Dunlop products are depleted, I have no time frame for restock.

In certain circumstances and vendors/manufacturers, I can place special/custom orders, however delivery time will vary.  Please email me at egeyer@tensolo.com if there is anything you cannot currently cannot find, I will assist you in sourcing the product.

I have a network of dealer friends that I can ask or you can search their online stores as well:

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and visit my shop!  I always love to hear from customers, so if you have any questions, please reach out!

Stay safe, stay healthy

Emery Geyer