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Eddie Wang Instruments - Pulsar Reverb (Head)
Eddie Wang Instruments - Pulsar Reverb (Head)
Eddie Wang Instruments - Pulsar Reverb (Head)

Eddie Wang Instruments - Pulsar Reverb (Head)

Eddie Wang Instruments
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Eddie Wang Instruments - Pulsar Reverb (Head)

Made in the USA - boutique at its finest

An all original design inspired by the Fender Princeton Reverb. The tone stack is a unique design that's more useful, versatile, and transparent sounding, so you can get everything from mid scooped Blackface tones to mid forward Tweed sounds to faux-Marshall tones. Like all our amplifiers, the Pulsar also comes with a Voltage Regulator, so you can adjust it anywhere from 1/4 to 15 watts.


  • A new tone stack that's more versatile and intuitive. Turn up the treble and bass for a mid scooped Blackface tone; set them at noon for a flat EQ like a Tweed Deluxe; turn them down to get a mid forward tone for some faux-Marshall rock!
  • Cathode biased for thicker richer tone
  • 3-way preamp voicing switch: CHARM for classic tones; STRANGE tightens the low end; TOP is a bright channel with boosted highs
  • A reverb that's tuned for a bigger, more plate-like sound
  • Components feature Jupiter Capacitors, Classic Tone transformers, solid core high purity copper wire with cotton insulation in the signal path for that full vintage tone, and premium US made carbon composition resistors - all wired point-to-point
  • Tolex: Two-tone Carbon Black with Fawn

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