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Weber Speakers - 8" 8F150 25W
Weber Speakers - 8" 8F150 25W
Weber Speakers - 8" 8F150 25W

Weber Speakers - 8" 8F150 25W

Weber Speakers
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For replacement of vintage Chicago Jensen P8R, P8Q, C8R, and other 8" applications where a lot more low end and overall punch is desired. 

Big, strong, well controlled low end. Detailed, later breakup. Very loud and aggressive with a lot of punch and dynamics for an 8" speaker. 

Will not fit in Tweed Fender Champ, and may have trouble fitting in some Blackface or Silverface champs due to the cap-can interfering with the speaker basket.


  • Basket - Standard
  • 30oz Ceramic magnet
  • Power - 25W
  • 1-1/2" voice coil
  • Ribbed cone
  • Weight - 6.2 lbs
  • Diameter - 8.25"
  • Depth - 3.375"
  • Cutout size - 6.75"

NOTE:  Please ensure you are purchasing the proper Ohm level for your usage of this speaker.

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