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Fuhrmann Psico Vibe
Fuhrmann Psico Vibe
Fuhrmann Psico Vibe

Fuhrmann Psico Vibe

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Fuhrmann Psico Vibe

Replacing the Vibe & Vibe pedal, the Psico Vibe is an analogue modulation pedal with the classic Vibe effect of the 70's and 80's. Its effect can be adjusted through the SPEED and DEPTH controls. This new version has two SPEED knobs to be selected using a DPDT key. An interesting item is that the transition occurs gradually between the two speeds simulating a Leslie box. Through an LED indicator we perceive its speed and intensity of the effect. As the vibe has a psychedelic modulation, it is possible to create impressive effects for guitarists and keyboard players.


  • Depth
  • Slow
  • Fast


  • True bypass
  • Power: 9v standard negative center
  • Consumption:  10ma
  • Weight: 350g

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