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Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus
Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus
Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus
Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus

Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus

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Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus

We knew it would be a difficult task to improve upon our previous Chorus pedals, Cool and Vintage.

But the new generation was so incredible that the new Cycle Chorus was born, with a deeper sound and with more extensive and precise adjustment options. This new version has the “balance” control that regulates the mixture between the dry signal and the processed signal.


The signal of the instrument is divided in two, on one side the signal passes without change. On the other hand, the processed signal passes with a slight modulation in pitch and delay to give that impression of “chorus”, hence the name chorus.


The effect (which is already part of our product line) called for a new “face”, following all our new identity of Fuhrmann products. For Cycle, we opted for light green, which brought a beautiful combination in the metallic matte texture, already known among Fuhrmann users since the launch of our famous Reverb RV-1.

The knobs follow the same clean style, making a good visual composition in the layout of the print, for better visualization of the resources, in addition to better accessibility to the adjustments in the controls.

The logo and the name “Cycle” was designed and designed inspired by the effect, with typography and lines reminiscent of the waves that cross, referring to the classic voicing of a true classic and impactful chorus.


  • Rate - Modulation speed control
  • Depth - Modulation amplitude control
  • Tone - Equalization of high frequencies
  • Balance - Balance control between dry and processed signals


  • True bypass
  • Power: 9v standard negative center
  • Consumption: 12ma (min) - 20ma (max)
  • Weights: 12.5oz

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    The Fuhrmann Cycle Chorus was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.