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Fuhrmann Punch Box II
Fuhrmann Punch Box II

Fuhrmann Punch Box II

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Fuhrmann Punch Box II

As its name implies, in Portuguese “box of bumps”, this is a distortion pedal with a lot of grip.


At first glance, it's the same pedal as its predecessor.  With more intimacy, you can perceive visual nuances of great impact, not only aesthetic, but also functional. The previously brilliant white is now matte, following the same line as our most recent products. Knobs follow the same trend, modern, practical and more efficient in adjustments. In addition, the arrangement between the buttons generates easy access to all resources. The logo was restyled, optimizing its reading. However, maintaining the aspect of strength and grandeur that this pedal deserves.


The old Punch Box was already a product with its own and striking sound, we chose to keep its essential personality. What we did was to give a “little push” in its potential. The first major change is in the bass (Low) and treble (High) controls, which were previously controlled only by a button (Tone). Now, the most significant change that is in fact the icing on the cake is control for the midfielders. In this new version of the Punch Box we have placed a mini selector switch with 3 levels, where the instrumentalist will better understand the difference in each position. In the down position the mid frequencies will be attenuated, offering the musician a timbre with the characteristics of the most apparent saturation, ideal for metal or heavy rock. In the middle position the middle frequencies are not changed, allowing the musician to explore the natural sound of the effect, resembling the old version. In the up position, the mid frequencies stand out and offer the musician to explore all the styles that need such notoriety, ranging from groove, to classic or heavy rock. In any of the 3 positions, it is possible to perceive the quality of the picking and definition of the grades.


  • Level - regulates the volume of the effect
  • Drive - regulates the distortion
  • Low / Mid / High


  • Switching: True Bypass
  • Power: 9V (negative center pin)
  • Consumption: 6ma (min) -  15ma (max)
  • Weight: 12.5oz

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