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MG Music That's Echo Folks! (with Pigtail)
MG Music That's Echo Folks! (with Pigtail)

MG Music That's Echo Folks! (with Pigtail)

MG Music
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MG Music That's Echo Folks! (with Pigtail)

There are so many differences between digital delay and analog delay, that it’s hard to know where to start.

Digital delays, famous and widely used, have their qualities. Longer delay time, banks for memorization of all adjustments, different tones.

However, we never heard a single delay that could simulate the analog delay tone. Incidentally, this word “simulate” is always used as a quality, but it is not.

The analog delay is not a perfect copy of the original signal, and that’s where we started. The MN3205 chips slightly saturate the signal, cutting treble and full-bodied mids, showing the true character of the 60’s, 70’s delays.

Another important feature of analog delays is the performance of time, feedback and mix knobs. In digital delays everything sounds more artificial, mechanical, very sensitive and not very musical. A simple tap on the tempo or mix knob and the delay sounds out of rhythm, unbalanced.

In analog delays, however, feedback and mix knobs are more organic and musical.

Amazingly, it is much easier to find a setting for a particular song.

Here at MG Music, we created That’s Echo Folks, an analog delay with these VN3205D chips, repeating the signal up to 600ms.

So that this delay is not “just” an analog delay – as if a delay needed something more than repeating the signal in an organic and musical way – we created some features for this pedal.

A FEEDBACK 2 switch, doubling and increasing feedback so that in soils, psychedelic passages (the dream of every delay), the effect goes deeper and creates a sound layer.

When FEEDBACK is triggered, it is possible to select, by switching, whether the response will be double feedback or infinite feedback.

Totally mind blowing!

In addition to feedback, when this switch is activated it is also possible to determine if the mix control is on the standard knob or if the mix jumps to the side knob to be controlled with the foot.

All this becomes more musical, exploring countless possibilities and sounds.

Along with those features of That’s Echo Folks, we created another switch called Pig’s Tail. This switch, when triggered, takes the delay time to the end of an optical cable, which when “stepped up” throws the delay time to 0ms and when “released” takes the delay time for almost 1 second.

The longest delay time of an existing analog delay, with the ability to create stunning, unique effects.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this little pig.

  • 100% True Bypass
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Special MG capacitors
  • Made in Brazil

About MG Music:  Straight outta Sao Paulo, Brazil, renowned builder Marcelo Giangrande (MG) has been building boutique amps and pedals for decades, and has carved out his place in gear history.  His creations tap into the vintage tones of the 60's and 70's rock legends.  It's quality top to bottom, nothing is overlooked.  Even the graphics used to cover his enclosures is of great importance, bringing a little humor and spirit that we may be missing in our daily lives...

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