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Fuhrmann Envelope Filter
Fuhrmann Envelope Filter
Fuhrmann Envelope Filter
Fuhrmann Envelope Filter

Fuhrmann Envelope Filter

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Fuhrmann Line One Series
Envelope Filter

Filter pedal similar to wha-wha, sensitive to the entry level. The amplitude of the effect varies according to the intensity that the instrument is used. In addition to the sensitivity and range controls, which determine the amount of pedal operation, it also has the Dry Blend switch, which serves to mix the clean sound, both of the bass and the guitar, with the wha effect. With the switch off, only the sound of the effect is transmitted.


  • Range
  • Sensitivity
  • Dry / Bend switch


  • Power supply - 9V (negative center pin)
  • Consumption - 4mA (min) - 9mA (max)
  • Dimensions - 6cm (H), 7cm (W), 11cm (D)
  • Weight - 350g

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