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MG Music Monovibe MG Music Effects Pedals
MG Music Monovibe MG Music Effects Pedals

MG Music Monovibe

MG Music
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MG Music Monovibe

The famous LESLIE speaker is a speaker that runs in a wooden case, with fixed microphones at the back, at the top and at the front.

The speed of the engine turning the speaker, plus the spread of sound within the box, creates a wonderful, characteristic and famous effect for so many years.

By trying to simulate this effect electronically, the “vibe” effect was created.

Obviously, they did not successfully simulate the Leslie box.

Space was missing, the air, the speed. The famous “doppler effect” was constructed differently, with LEDs and sensors capturing light.

However, the project kicked off one of the most famous effects for guitarists.

Jimi Hendrix immortalized this effect, creating even more personality for the effect as well as differentiating the vibe from the Leslie box.

There are countless songs that Hendrix uses the vibe, such as Machine Gun, The Star Spangled Banner.

If used in the Chorus function, with high DEPTH and low RATE, it resembles Hendrix sounds, and great for solos and deep sound.

If used on Vibrato, with high RATE, it gets bluesy, reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Cold Shot.


Colors: It’s the speed knob!

Controls the speed you want the Chorus / Vibrato Effect.

Progress: This is the Depth control!

Controls the intensity of modulation!


Chorus: Very different from traditional chorus. A modulation that sometimes gives the impression that you have a delay triggered, a JIMMY HENDRIX tone more than anything!

Vibrato: Stevie Ray Vaughan tone with the “5 o’clock” knob.

  • True bypass
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • MG Oil special capacitors
  • Switchcraft Jacks:
  • Made in Brazil 

About MG Music:  Straight outta Sao Paulo, Brazil, renowned builder Marcelo Giangrande (MG) has been building boutique amps and pedals for decades, and has carved out his place in gear history.  His creations tap into the vintage tones of the 60's and 70's rock legends.  It's quality top to bottom, nothing is overlooked.  Even the graphics used to cover his enclosures is of great importance, bringing a little humor and spirit that we may be missing in our daily lives...

Note: MG music uses vintage analog designs for their pedals, this may cause them to be noisier than standard state of the art pedals.  These are boutique pedals created to deliver certain vintage tones, and do them incredibly well, when the settings are inside the "Goldilocks" zone. 

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