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Sammlung: Guitars - NOS / B-Stock

Sometimes guitars fall through the cracks and were unable to show off their killerness to guitar players under normal circumstances.  Well, Tensolo Music Co. loves these guitars and wants to ensure they find their forever homes, just like their brethren.

Welcome to the Tensolo Music Co. NOS / B-Stock collection.  Each guitar listed has gone through my personal inspection protocol and have passed with flying colors!  Each one guaranteed to bring years of enjoyment for it's new owner.

What is NOS?  NOS (New Old Stock) are brand new guitars that have never been used by customers and typically have newer models available, thus, are usually discounted to move the inventory.  B-Stock are items that are still very much usuable, but may have some sort of issue that does not affect the overall integrity of the guitar, such as a finish imperfection, blemish or other issue.

Under these two categories, the winners are the customers!  Huge savings can be had by purchasing NOS or B-Stock.  They are quite different form "Used" gear, which has been purchased and used by customers.  NOS & B-Stock are essentially new gear and can be purchased at great savings!
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