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Manufacturers Inquiry

Tensolo Music Co. is an online-only musical instrument retail company, based in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville.  I do not currently have any brick and mortar locations.  Due to this, many of the "large, name brand" companies refuse to do business with me.

When I originally started this company, I was a intrigued as to why those companies wouldn't do business with me, however, they actually did me a favor.  They forced me to look deeper into the MI industry and find the smaller, lesser-known companies that have better products and usually at much more reasonable prices.  I found my calling.  My business model organically found it's path by helping these lesser-known companies share their products with the world.  Hopefully finding musicians who aren't sheep, that blindly follow a brand name.  So, when the time comes to open a brick and mortar location, it will not be stocked with the well-known brands that every store in the US carries, but instead, filled with small business owners dreams and creations from around the world.  Call it unique, call it boutique, but many of the companies that I will represent have dreams that surpass unique boutique.

It's the 21st century and time to embrace the internet and the global marketplace.  As a company, I want to help smaller businesses from around the world bring their products to market.  From the US, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, China and growing, I seek out the new and creative alternatives to what many consider the status-quo. 

If you don't sell your gear at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Sam Ash or Sweetwater, contact me!  I would love to hear your story and check out your gear.  I am always looking for new companies to work with, build a relationship and help successfully grow as much as possible.

Send me an email at egeyer@tensolo.com and tell me a little about yourself and your gear.  I can't wait to hear form you!


Emery Geyer