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D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series)
D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series)
D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series)
D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series)
D'Amico FX - Artemis Klon Overdrive

D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series)

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D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series)

Tensolo Music Co. is proud to announce that we now carry the D'Amico FX Artemis Overdrive (K-Series) Pedal. Manufactured in Argentina, the Artemis is inspired by one of the most popular overdrive pedals developed back in the early 90's.

TMC takes great pride in scouring the globe to find incredible products around the world. The Artemis is one of the jewels we came across. The Artemis brings it's own unique characteristics to the mix and will stand out as one of the best clones on the market. With it's gritty overdrive, heavy duty housing and incredible price point, the Artemis is ready to server your overdrive tone needs for years to come.

From D'Amico FX:

The Artemis is an overdrive that uses a unique design when it comes to pedal electronics, since it has stages that double the voltage and a stereo GAIN control that mixes two signals: one clean and the other saturated, resulting in a clean-drive very transparent, to a very crisp overdrive with a single grain and harmonics with maximum control.

This combination of characteristics, among others, achieve great sensitivity to the touch of the plectrum and the greatest respect in the audio. It is not one of those pedals that modify and invade the sound, but adds and powers the tone you already have.

It can also be used as a booster since it has a lot of range in the OUTPUT control.

  • Power: 9v DC
  • Polarity: Negative to the center
  • Amperage: 20mA
  • True bypass: Yes
  • Made in Argentina
  • 1-year warranty

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Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the D'Amico FX - Artemis Overdrive (K-Series).