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Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Silver Bell 30W
Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Silver Bell 30W
Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Silver Bell 30W

Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Silver Bell 30W

Weber Speakers
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Classic Marshall Tone with ceramic punch! 

Bold, big low end, more headroom than the AlNiCo version. Reminiscent of the classic Marshall stack tone.

  • Hemp Cone - smoother, darker tone, with less attack (great for taming treble)
  • Moderate Dope - What is Dope?  Check out Ted Weber's explanation here! Get a better understanding of how this goop works and affects speaker tone


  • Power - 30W
  • Cone Style - Ribbed Hemp
  • Dope - Moderate
  • 40oz Ceramic Magnet
  • 1-3/4" voice coil
  • Weight - 7.9 lbs.
  • Diameter - 12.125"
  • Depth - 5.125"
  • Cutout size - 10.75"


Try pairing this with a Blue Dog in a 2x12 combination. Great low end from the Silver Bell, while retaining clarity and definition from the Blue Dog (or a pair of each in a 4x12).

NOTE:  Please ensure you are purchasing the proper Ohm level for your usage of this speaker.

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