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Weber Speakers - 12" Black Shuck 200W
Weber Speakers - 12" Black Shuck 200W
Weber Speakers - 12" Black Shuck 200W

Weber Speakers - 12" Black Shuck 200W

Weber Speakers
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TONECVLT, TONE CVLT Legendary low end for the most demanding situations.

For the most low end and highest power situations. Sounds great with fuzz. Can take a beating without blowing (even if you are trying to get a blown speaker sound). Perfect for downtuned guitars, as well as baritone guitars. Can also be used in conjunction with our Bass12's for an expansive heavy bass cab.

All TONECVLT speaker orders include a badge to display on the front of your cab, to let everyone know why your tone is so good.


  • 60oz ceramic magnet
  • Power - 200W
  • 2" voice coil
  • 55Hz ribbed cone
  • Weight - 10.6 lbs
  • Diameter - 12.19"
  • Depth - 5.25"
  • Cutout size - 10.75"

Note about impedance: Weber Speakers offer these speakers in 24 ohm as an option, specifically for 6x12 cabinets, which avoids the common problem of some speakers receiving more power than others, but rather balances it out so each speaker can be as full as possible. These are special order requests.  Please contact sales@tensolo.com to place an order for the 24 Ohm variant.

NOTE:  Please ensure you are purchasing the proper Ohm level for your usage of this speaker.

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Please feel free to email sales@tensolo.com with any questions.

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The Weber Speakers - 12" Black Shuck 200W is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.