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Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Gray Wolf 50W
Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Gray Wolf 50W
Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Gray Wolf 50W

Weber Speakers - 12" Ceramic Gray Wolf 50W

Weber Speakers
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The Blue Dog's wilder cousin. Also now part of the TONECVLT Series. TONE CVLT. 12", 50oz Ceramic magnet, 1-3/4" voice coil, ribbed cone. Bold and aggressive. Strong upper midrange punch. Good clarity, strong low end. Great for aggressive high-gain and down-tuned music, or to give your clean tone a bit of hair without losing definition.

The perfect blend between the Blue Dog and the 12-30, with the classic British tone of the Blue Dog, the crunch of a 12-30 without the sometimes harsh brightness and the EQ and strong mid punch of a 12-80, perfect for both open and closed back cabs.

This speaker was originally categorized in Weber's British Series, but its aggressive nature spawned an entirely new series designed for metalheads: the TONECVLT Series. This speaker now resides in both series, as it works well for players of rock as well as metal.


  • Moderate Dope - What is Dope?  Check out Ted Weber's explanation here! Get a better understanding of how this goop works and affects speaker tone
  • British Series style
  • Dustcap - standard
  • Power - 50W
  • Weight - 7.9 lbs
  • Diameter - 12.125"
  • Depth - 5.125"
  • Cutout size - 10.75"

Note about impedance: Weber Speakers offer these speakers in 24-ohm as an option, specifically for 3x12 and 6x12 setups, which avoids the common problem of some speakers receiving more power than others, but rather balances it out so each speaker can be as full as possible. (24-ohm 3x parallel = 8 ohm cab. 24-ohm 6x parallel = 4 ohm cab). These are special order requests.  Please contact sales @tensolo.com for special order instrucitons.

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