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About Pre-Orders

Pre-order Process

From time to time, Tensolo Music Co. is able to allow pre-orders for certain gear.  Any gear that is allowed to be pre-ordered usually arrives within 2 weeks after purchase.

Placing a pre-order is an identical process to placing a regular order.  However, in the case of a pre-order, the item purchased does not get shipped out immediately.  Since we deal with many boutique manufacturers, many of them don't have the stock immediately available to ship, so the pre-order option allows them a few days to build the item(s) and then some extra time to ship.  If the items are coming form a non-US manufacturer, more time must be allowed for shipping.

Other pre-orders may be allowed for certain new gear that has a set release date for shipping.  In these cases, this information will be noted in the listing along with the expected release date.  This gear may be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer, or to us, then to the customer.

Shipping Times

In most cases, but not necessarily all, it takes approximately 10-15 days to arrive to the customer from the time of purchase (exceptions could be new model release with a set date).  As a boutique gear importer, many of our manufacturers are non-US based.  Thus, shipping times are extended due to distance and customs.  Other factors, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, acts of mother nature or human error could potentially cause delays.  We don't usually run into these issue, but we wanted to make this statement for complete transparency.


Returns and refunds are allowed on pre-orders, PRIOR to Tensolo Music Co. placing the order with the manufacturer.  Once the order has been placed with the manufacturer and a refund is requested, a 20% fee of the order total will be charged.  Please be sure you really want the item before placing the pre-order!  Orders are normally placed to the manufacturer within 48 hours of the pre-order being placed.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are different from pre-orders.  Custom orders are orders that request something different about a manufacturers default model, for example special colors that they normally don't offer or other types of changes that are not part of their normal offering.  In these cases, returns/refunds are not available unless there is a defect, DOA or other issue with the product.  


If you have any questions about pre-orders, please don't hesitate to contact us at sales@tensolo.com.  We strive to make your purchasing experience the best you have ever had!