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Who is MIRC?

MIRC (Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation) is a wholesale distributor of reclaimed/refurbished musical instruments.  Formed in 1992, MIRC works directly with almost all of the major manufactures and receives their seconds, blems, overstocks and some guitars in need of repair.  With their expert, on-site, luthier trained staff, all instruments are thoroughly inspected, professionally repaired (if need) and tightly QC’d to ensure that all of the instruments they offer are back to near mint condition. 

You may notice on many of the instruments sourced through MIRC, that there are 2 unique steps that are taken on their instruments.  A small "used" stamp is typically on the back of the headstock and the instrument has a new MIRC serial number.  These steps are taken to protect the interests of the manufacturers and to prevent the filing of improper warranty claims.

We are proud to be working with MIRC to be able to offer our customers these instruments.  Since Tensolo Music Co. is located in the same city as MIRC (Franklin, TN), we visit their HQ/warehouse weekly, to handpick the finest instruments available for our customers.  We also do our own testing/inspection prior to putting any item up for sale, to ensure that you, our customers, are getting the best possible instrument available, next to being brand new.  All instruments sourced from MIRC will be noted in the product description.  You can be confident that you are receiving quality used instrument, most of the time, near mint or better!