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NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal
NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal
NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal
NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal
NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal

NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal

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NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal 

Jam Track Creator Drum & Loop is the Smallest 24-bit loop pedal with auto detection drum machine.

From NUX:

After we released the NUX Mini Core pedals and hit the market, we were asked to "please add a loop pedal into this line". So... ask and ye shall receive!

With the NUX JTC Drum & Loop Mini, you can choose from 11 built-in drum rhythms, and record up to 6 minutes in 24-bit high-resolution audio quality.

Muti-Function Footswitch

  • PRESS ONCE: Record/Play/Overdub Loop.
  • (While playing loop) PRESS & HOLD: Undo/Redo the last layer.
  • PRESS & HOLD: Clear Loop.
  • (Without loop) PRESS & HOLD for 1.5 sec to play Drum only.
  • When the Drum is playing, HOLD for 1.5 seconds to Stop the Drum OR just press once to Record Loop.
  • (While Drum is playing without Loop), you can SMART TAP TEMPO to control the speed.
*Smart Tap Tempo: PRESS the footswitch repeatedly. If the time distance is less than 1.5 sec (40BPM), JTC interprets as Tap Tempo.

  • Smallest 24 bits loop pedal with drum machine.
  • 11 Drum patterns in different music styles and Metronome.
  • Up to 6 minutes recording, unlimited overdubs.
  • Smart Tap Tempo drum machine.
  • Drum and Loop volumes can be adjusted separately separately
  • Hold the footswitch to use only drum function and control the speed with the footswitch.
  • True-bypass and analog dry-through.


  • Input Impedance - 1M ohm
  • Output Impedance - 1M ohm
  • Power Input - Standard 9V DC, center negative >100mA (power supply not included)
  • Weight - 174g/ 6 oz
  • Dimensions - 94(L)×51(w)×53(H)mm | 3.7(L)×2.0(W)×2.08(H)inches

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The NUX JTC (NDL-2) Drum & Loop Pedal is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.