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Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head
Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head
Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head
Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head
Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head

Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head

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Wangs VT-15H (White) - All Tube Amplifier Head

Wangs (pronounced wongs) is a subsidiary company of Biyang, which was established in 2004.  Wangs focuses on the development and production of high quality, yet affordable, tube guitar amplifiers.  Over the past decade, Wangs has put together the most professional research and development team in China, to bring their amplifiers to the world market. Wangs is also the largest tube amp manufacturer and supplier in China. Because of the high build quality and massive tones, and at such an affordable price, Wangs is the most popular and sought after tube amplifier in the Chinese guitar player market.  It is now becoming a force world-wide.

The Wangs VT-15H is a single channel, 15 watt all tube head that gives you incredibly simple, thick full tones.  It offers 2 inputs for Hi (drive) & Low (clean). With an onboard EQ (Presence / Bass / Mid / Treble) you can dial in chimey clean highs or dark thick lows.  It takes effects pedals very well, enabling you to create a staggering array of incredible rock tones.  For the tube amp purist, there is some great breakup dialing up the Gain knob, and gets even better as you turn up the Volume!  For all of the onboard options and it's low price point, this head blows away any others in it's category.


  • Single Channel
  • Hi & Low Input
  • Standby
  • 2x Ruby EL84C power tubes
  • 3x Ruby 12AX7WBC HG preamp tubes (for high gain circuits)
  • Speaker outs for 8 or 16 Ohm
  • Effects loop
  • Controls:  Master / Presence / Bass / Mid / Treble / Gain
  • White/Cream tolex

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